Biarritz Earrings
Biarritz Earrings
Biarritz Earrings
Biarritz Earrings

Biarritz Earrings

$285 NZD



    Seashell jewels have become the breakout jewellery superstar of the year and the trend is just taking off. So treat yourself to this stunning vintage pair and you'll be thanking yourself all year long. 


    $329 NZD Or 6 weekly interest-free payments from approx. $54.83 NZD 



    Real shell and hoop e

    Hand-painted gold plate seashell on a vintage hoop earring

    Base metal untested

    Pierced earrings

    Approx. 1.75" in length

    Approx. .75" the widest part

    Made from vintage and new elements (redesigned vintage earrings)


    A handpicked selection of jewels and accessories produced for or made by highly regarded companies and stores during the 1960s-1990’s. They were made in a bygone era when special attention and time was spent on producing costume jewellery and accessories. Therefore they offer both style and quality.
    Top condition with no chipping, fading, missing stones, no yellowing stones, no peeling, no worn prongs or edges. Backs (especially of earrings) may be very slightly worn as long as the front is still in Top Condition.
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