Orena Mia Bracelet

We love a great buckle bracelet. The perfect mix of masculine and feminine details, this beauty will work with everything.


Swarovski encrusted buckle bracelet

Gold plated 

Base metal untested

Buckle clasp

Approx. 8.75" in length

Approx. 1" at widest part 

Circa 1980’s

From a private collection from Paris

 *Final Sale -No returns, exchanges or refunds on Sale items*


A Collection of jewels and accessories created by unknown companies or designers that have been chosen by Love and Object for their beauty and uniqueness. These pieces are beautifully crafted and the ideal adornments for those who delight in having a style that others cannot emulate.
New, as it came from the designer or store.

Appears to be never worn or used, nor stored improperly. 

Top condition with no chipping, fading, missing stones, no yellowing stones, no peeling, no worn prongs or edges. Backs (especially of earrings) may be very slightly worn as long as the front is still in Top Condition. 

Well cared for with no missing stones, no dead stones or graying stones, no peeling pearls, enamel may have minor chips, may show slight wear or scratching on prongs, edges. Backs may be very moderately worn.
$689 NZD


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