Caring for your Jewellery


  • Never use a liquid cleanser on rhinestone or crystal costume jewels

  • Rhinestone and crystals have a copper based backing and moisture will cause this to corrode and stones may have to be reset or replaced

  • Wipe down your jewels after wearing, as damage is caused by makeup, perfume, moisturiser and skin oils left on your jewellery

  • Try not to wear your costume jewellery too frequently

  • Vintage cocktail rings were designed to be worn for special occasions, so excessive wear may cause rings to tarnish

  • Refrain from knocking rhinestone or crystal pieces against any hard surface

  • Store jewels away from sunlight and moisture

  • Store jewels in a snap lock bag with the air removed and separate each piece

    A little care goes a long way to preserving your vintage jewellery, allowing you and others to enjoy your collection for years to come


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