About Love and Object


Growing up in a household that was passionate about rare and unique jewellery, fashion and objects d’art, it was inevitable that Founder and Creative Director, Constance Cummings would develop a deep love for objects that were both beautiful and individual- Objects that were created by highly influential tastemakers and designers.

Today with identical, mass produced items invading the lives of many, a smaller group desires authenticity, rarity and quality in the objects they choose to adorn their homes and bodies with. These objects are beautifully crafted, eternally stylish and infused with a timeless and seductive allure. With this in mind Love and Object was born.

Love and Object realises Constance's desire to offer a carefully curated, seasonal offering of jewels collected from around the globe for discerning customers. Each piece in our collection is hand picked by Constance- jewels that she personally adores that are also in the finest condition she can find.

The Love and Object collection offers creations that outlive throwaway fashion, are destined to remain highly desirable and will continue to inspire admiration and be loved for years to come.


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