The Lust List: Kelly Thompson

The Lust List pays homage to the accessory-loving woman. The one who stockpiles Prada heels or has an enviable collection of vintage D&G. So often do we come across those with an impressive spread, that we decided it was time to show off the goods. 

Stepping in as our first guest for The Lust List is Kelly Thompson. As director of Maker's Mgmt, a creative consultancy and illustration agency, Kelly is a master of form and colour. We have been long time fans of her beautiful work and are thrilled that Kelly recently created drawings for our in-house jewellery label OLYMPIA.

Here, she lists her top five most beloved accessories and why they make it onto her list, along with a few extra (and shoppable) bits of loot that she'd like to be in possession of.

I purchased these in 2010 in Paris on sale at Galeries Lafayette. My husband and I had just packed up everything we owned to travel for four months before moving somewhere (we decided on Melbourne). I loved the shoes, but felt so indecisive about shopping at the start of a long adventure when I had no job on return. I couldn't leave without them though, so lugged the shoes around for months and thankfully they still get lots of outings. Seven years later they are in surprisingly good condition and so comfy.

It's such a beautiful piece. Christian purchased it from Antique Jewels. It was crafted in 1890 in London and has a big pale aquamarine stone in the centre. I'm so curious about the history behind it, and would love to know a little more about who owned it before me.

GOLD MIU MIU CLUTCH (pictured above)
I actually purchased the clutch for my wedding. Well, that was the excuse. It's small, probably more of a wallet than a bag. I use it all the time, it's amazing how a gold purse instantly adds glam to every outfit. 

I found a gold Damascene bracelet years ago and have since created a small collection. I pick them up every time I visit an antique store. In Spain, where they originate from, these bracelets are probably tourist items, but I love how different they all are and like to stack many of them on my wrists at once.

GREEN MARC JACOBS BAG (pictured above)
It's bright, square and green. I never would have expected a green leather bag to become such a go to item for me! 

I'd like to add the Olympia Aletta Lapis bracelet to my collection. I'm also admiring Marni's latest earrings. Specifically, these beauties.


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