Dear Santa...

As Christmas Day draws nearer, we've been daydreaming about the pieces we hope will magically appear under the tree come December 25th...

Shop the gems and accessories we are each coveting, both in store at Design 55, and online x


LR: Vintage Silk and Brass Belt available here and at Design55, Vintage Balenciaga Chocker, available here and at Design55, Vintage Brass Earrings from Texas, available in store only at Design55, Vintage Christian Dior Silk Scarf, available in store only at Design55.

Vintage Brass Earrings, $389 (available at Design55)

I purchased a few pairs of almost ancient looking gold earrings for our summer collection recently; I love that they look like they could have been uncovered in some lost city. During this time of year, I can flip from ultra-glam to simple summer staples so I like that these earrings can work with either.

Vintage Cleopatra Belt, $429

I'm not the only one loving statement belts ATM; they seem to be the catnip to bloggers and stylists worldwide. I don't fall into either category, but I love their ability to change up your go-to shirt dress or blazer instantly.

Vintage Balenciaga Choker, $1290

Much like the earrings, this Balenciaga choker has the same ancient-looking quality to it. It's bold but not glitzy making it my dream choker to pair with tees and all my linen summer staples. I'm obsessed with textures and quality.

Vintage Christian Dior Scarf, $489 (available at Design55)

I recently had the luck of coming across a collection of never-worn vintage Dior scarves and couldn't think of a better versatile summer accessory! I love the rich chocolate tone of this one, making it the perfect partner to all my rattan bags and shoes.  I wear mine through the belt loops of my jeans, as a headscarf, necktie or around my bag handles; the styling options are endless.



LR: Vintage Christian Dior Silk Scarf, available in store only at Design55, Vintage Balenciaga Necklace, available here and at Design55, Edra Cicladi Tables by Jacopo Foggini, available at Design55, Vintage Hollywood Earrings, available here and at Design55.

Vintage Balenciaga BB Necklace, $2,890

I love anything multi-functional and with this in mind, an extra long chain necklace is a wardrobe staple. This stunning Balenciaga necklace from the 70s is a true collector's piece; encrusted with crystals, I'd wear this long and tucked inside a plunging neckline at night, doubled up as a choker or a multi-strand bracelet for day, and even as a fine chain belt, over a chiffon summer dress.

Vintage Christian Dior Silk Scarf, $489 (available at Design55)

Another accessory with many uses, this silk Christian Dior number would add an instant pop of summer to any outfit. I'd tie this into a low pony on a hot day, and I love that it is large enough to wear as a bandeau top or skirt on the boat when I need a swimwear coverup! 

Edra Cicladi Tables by Jacopo Foggini, $POA (available at Design55)

I have been coveting these incredible tables for so long, now looking at them daily at the Design55 pop up I've fallen even more in love! With their alabaster top and organic jagged edges, a cluster of them would work beautifully as a coffee table alternative, or I'd use one at each bedside for something a little different in the bedroom.

Vintage Hollywood Earrings, $929

These incredible earrings were made especially for a film set in the 1960s, making them one of a kind in all senses of the word. With a dramatic drop style in brilliant gold plate and asymmetrical crystal accents, they are an absolute heirloom piece with such a rich history; I'd love to be able to hand them down to a daughter one day, if I am lucky enough to have one!

Ji Woo

LR: Fornasetti Archittetura and Bacio candles, from Design55, Vintage Foxy Patent Leather Bag, available here and at Design55, Vintage Givenchy Vogue Bracelet, available here and at Design55.

Vintage Foxy Bag, $469

I’m always on the prowl for a good black bag. As a soon-to-be-graduate, I want something special and unique I can wear for job interviews to give myself some confidence when I walk in. I’d wear the Foxy Bag with a nice blazer on days I might have interviews, or even just a tshirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers. 

Vintage Givenchy Vogue Bracelet, $589

When I look for new jewellery, I always think about what they can be paired up with what I already have at home, so I can get as much wear as I can with them. I’ve had my eyes on this Givenchy bracelet since day one at Love and Object - it's both minimal and a statement piece at the same time. I always look for everyday wears and this would go perfect with just about anything. 

Olympia by Love and Object Cypriot Earrings, $789

I’m someone who cannot leave the house without my rings or earrings. I love these Cypriot earrings, they are simple, but they add a bit of a pop with the pearl detail which I love! I could throw these on when I’m in a rush to get out the door because I know they’d be super easy to pair with no fuss.

Fornasetti Architettura and Bacio Candles, $299 each

Since I’m moving next year, I always love buying something new and special for my new space. I love these Fornasetti candles since every design is so unique. To be honest, it was tough to pick a favourite since I just want all of them!


Come say hi at Design 55, 55 Upper Queen Street, Eden Terrace.


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