A Q&A with Hannah Low of Grace & Flora, in celebration of our new 'The Edit' collaboration

This week we are so thrilled to launch ‘The Edit’ by Love and Object, housing an ever-expanding collection of one-off vintage treasures, floral collaborations, uncommon gifts and alluring objets d'art alongside our covetable jewel and accessory collection.

To celebrate the launch occasion, we partnered with lauded local florist, Hannah Low of Grace and Flora – offering a limited edition collection of everlasting dried floral arrangements in stunning, rare vintage vases - the ultimate gift for a loved one, or oneself.

We've loved working with Hannah over the past year in a collaborative effort for our own showroom pieces and VIP client gifts, so to now offer our collaborations for purchase is an exciting moment.

Inspired by her connection to people and nature, Hannah’s dried arrangements are lovingly handmade with passion and creativity, enabling her to live out an ongoing love affair with the subtle and elegant hues, along with the language that flowers speak - of beauty, happiness and gratitude.

We sat down with Hannah to ask her a few questions about her particular style, how she got into the floristry industry, her prediction on floral trends to come and what she loves the most about this collaboration.


What is your background, how did you get into floristry?
I studied a Fine Arts degree , so I was always going to pursue working creatively. And I grew up with green fingers- I’ve got the cliche English grandmother & mother both amazing gardeners, so falling into floristry was just the most natural thing.
How would you describe your aesthetic?
Relaxed and elegant.
You work with both fresh and dried florals, but as you have one of the most extensive dried offerings in Auckland, what draws you to working with this medium specifically?
The hues of dried florals are so delicate and subtle, I love the softness that is present even in an arrangement that is more dramatic and sculptural. Also because they are “everlasting” means people often treat them more like art and I feel an attention to detail is appreciated.

Love and Object x Grace and Flora 'Morning Light' Arrangement with 20th Century Ceramic Vase, $499 - Click here to shop.

What inspired you to work with Love and Object on this collaboration?
I think a vase can really elevate or devalue an arrangement. I have always recommended that customers pair their dried with ceramics, as the textures complement the dried so beautifully.

Constance has incredible style, and has been a pleasure to work with on past projects, so I knew blindly that the vases would be beautiful and that this collection would be special. I love the conversation between these timeless mid 20th century pieces paired with a contemporary trend like the dried florals.
What are your top tips for preserving the life of dried flora?
Keep them out of harsh, direct sunlight if you want to preserve the colours. They will naturally fade over time but continue to stay those beautiful gentle tones. Also a very soft feather duster is ideal for brushing away dust.

Love and Object x Grace and Flora 'Daybreak' Arrangement with 20th Century Wenteltrap Shell Ceramic Vase, $599 - Click here 
to shop.

As the concept of celebratory gatherings has been altered somewhat recently due to the global lockdown, has this changed the way you are working with brides and event clients?
Everyone is dealing with uncertainty on some level, so just being patient and understanding. Also being ready to go at short notice! 

I’m hopeful that we will continue on this path of getting back to normalcy with events, but I’m encouraging & helping couples to make the most of smaller weddings if that’s something they are looking at with family & friends overseas or financial pressure. Making their own rules and playing with personalised elements can create a unique intimacy for them and their guests.
What do you think will be the biggest trend in florals for the next year?
Being eco-conscious and sustainable will be hugely important in the times ahead. Which means more dried florals and also dried & fresh mixing. These are already hugely popular but styles will continue to evolve.

The sourcing & reusing of Art Deco & vintage styled vessels & vases paired with sleek and immaculate flowers will be popular- (for weddings in particular) Also experimentation with bold, confident colour or neutrals with unique textures.

Love and Object x Grace and Flora 'Dusk' Arrangement Trio in Three Crown Lynn Vases, $499 for the set - Click here to shop.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I love working with a brief and forming something unique, particularly when collaborating with other creatives. Seeing how happy clients are with the work or hearing it exceeded their expectations is always a high.
I’m naturally curious about what flowers people might like. Whether it is a small bouquet, wedding flowers or dried installation for a space, I enjoy engaging with people and working out what will suit their style/personality.
Also more fundamentally, being apart of the heartfelt moments of peoples lives- babies, break ups, celebrations ,love and losses, is always pretty special.
What are your future plans for Grace and Flora, what motivates you and inspires you as a business owner and operator?
For me, starting a business was always about freedom to create & express my ideas and style, while doing so on my own terms. So striving for work/life balance while consciously enjoying the process (easier said than done) will always be important.

We are launching a website soon (which is long overdue!), so I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond & interact with that. The way Grace and Flora has continued to grow and the amazing clients and people I’ve worked with has happened so organically, I’m always excited to see what unfolds next.

Love and Object x Grace and Flora 'Midnight' Arrangement in 20th Century Vase, $629 - Click here to shop.


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