Introducing: Olympia by Love and Object

Zippora Seven Love and Object Olympia

It’s with pride and a hint of anticipation that we introduce you to Olympia by Love and Object, a fine jewel collection influenced by the spirit and feel of renaissance art.

“I’ve long been inspired by objects that have a sense of beauty and drama to them,” says Constance. My work as a vintage jewelry buyer has helped me to appreciate the value of heritage and time honoured techniques. This experience encouraged me to design something independently.”

Olympia gives the modern woman something outside the boundaries of conventional design that she can covet, wear weekly and possibly pass down as a modern heirloom to future generations.

Each piece in the first collection for Olympia celebrates the romanticism and sensuality of ancient art, while having a clear ready-to-wear vibe. The Alessia earrings are our solution to a glamorous but refined hoop that we can wear from day break to night’s end. When the call comes for a black tie event, the Alessandra necklace is unashamedly attention-grabbing. It sits delicately on top of your collarbone and is embedded with a choice of either turquoise or lapis lazuli stones.

Many of the pieces are made-to-order and designs are created using old methods of fine jewel creation. One technique we use is lost wax casting, the oldest known examples of which date back to 4500-3500 BC. This allows us to achieve a level of intricacy and detail that’s difficult to accomplish with modern technologies.

We hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as we do. You can view the campaign here, shop the new collection here, or simply get in touch and let us know what you think.

Many thanks to all the extraordinary people who helped make Olympia by Love and Object a reality.

Model: Zippora Seven
Photographer: Mara Sommer
Lingerie: stylist's own
Hair & Make up: Virginia Carde

Zippora Seven Olympia Love and Object

Shop Olympia, clockwise from left:
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