At Home with Artist Kelly Thompson

There's nothing we love more than pining over lust-worthy jewels all day, especially when they happen to be inside a beautifully appointed home....

So after seeing a glimpse of her abode over on Instagram, we thought we'd ask the impossibly chic artist, entrepreneur, avid vintage collector and friend of L&O, Kelly Thompson to open her doors, at a time when we are all feeling particularly in the mood for a little added interior inspiration...

A night at home with Kelly's cat, Butter, and some of her favourite vintage finds.

As we toured her home, we asked Kelly about some of the favourite things she chooses to surround herself with every day. 

Being someone who largely works from home in general, she also kindly shared some great working from home tips we hope you'll enjoy as much as we have.

What are three things in your home that bring you joy?

An Italian 1970s lamp that I wanted FOREVER that my partner purchased for my birthday one year, every time I walk past it or sit on the couch and see it, I have a little "I love you" moment for it in my head haha. 

A brass floor lamp beautifully frames an artwork by the artist's own muse, Petra Borner.

I also have a beautiful illustration in my lounge by Petra Borner, she's one of those artists that I have talent envy for, I'm so in admiration of her gestural free-flowing line work, I purposely hung it opposite the couch so I can look at it every night. 

Finally, a little vintage french vase that I purchased in Tinos in Greece and carried across the world in my hand-luggage, somehow I didn't smash it and now when I look at it I think of holidays, I just love pieces that have stories behind them.

In the foreground, a few of Kelly's favourite books and objets d'art sit atop a glass and brass coffee table she scored for free in a backyard.

You have such an enviable vintage collection in both the home and wardrobe departments. What are your favourite vintage pieces, if you could single them out?

Definitely the lamp I mentioned above and the vase, my coffee table that I got for free, covered in grime and plants in a backyard, I scrubbed it for a day now I love it.
My Milo Baughman burl drum tables (below) that I found in the middle of nowhere for cheap only to find out that they're more valuable than anything else I own!

My 1890s aquamarine ring, I'd love to know who owned it before me.

My Celine necklace from L&O, it has such a great long chunky chain I love to double wrap it, and a little sailboat necklace I found on eBay.

My favourite vintage clothing includes a crazy maxi dress that has a geometric primary-coloured print on it and my colourful Couregges woollen pants. 

A 1970s Italian Brass Lamp, a gift from Kelly's partner, sits atop a Milo Baughman barrel table.  

Vintage finds, including two pieces from Love & Object - a 1970s Celine Necklace from our couture collection, and an 80s bracelet from Florence.

Now that it looks like we'll continue to be working from home for a number of weeks, as someone with a lot of experience in that department, can you share any pro tips?

I think to really appreciate your home you have to have things you love in it, they don't have to be expensive things, just things you've collected through your life that bring you joy when you see them and express something of you. If you hate your surroundings none of my tips will matter.

A luscious fern rests on a distressed plinth in a corner of Kelly's home.

For enjoying your home work-life - Work to your body clock, You're not stuck in an office with your boss keeping an eye on you, so work to your hours, start when feels good, finish when feels good, break when you need to, if you're feeling super productive roll with it!

In response to working with your body clock - you still need to do SOMETHING so I find starting the day with a list helps, otherwise it's easy to get distracted.

Kelly's incredible sunglasses collection - a worthy distraction!

Work to a reward system - e.g. if your brain is getting distracted and lazy, tell it it can have its moment mucking around AFTER you complete "X" task. I also find that I work faster and more efficiently if I'm working to mini time goals or task goals throughout the day. 

Have a designated workspace - and when you're not working, get the hell out of there. It can be hard to switch your work brain on and off if you're working where you party.

A working moodboard in Kelly's designated workspace.

Walk to "work" and get outdoors for your lunch break - I always start my morning with a dog walk, it's my pretend walk to work, I leave the house ready to go (aka dressed, showered, public-friendly) and when I walk back through the front door it's like I've arrived at work and am ready to go.

When I break for lunch I leave my desk and either take it outside with another walk or go and sit in the backyard, trying to put my feet in the grass and disconnect from tech. I find this resets me and refreshes me and helps with the afternoon energy. 

Kelly's airy dining room set up with collected objects and Mid-Century Modern details.

If you don't already, make sure you're following Kelly on instagram for more daily inspiration on the home and wardrobe front, alongside some of her stunning artwork.

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your beautiful home with us!


Have a safe and cosy weekend,
The L&O team Xx

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