An interview with the founders of Beauty Citizen

Earlier this week our founder, Constance waa interviewed by the beautiful girls at Beauty Citizen, New Zealand's newest online beauty destination and already a firm favourite of ours for daily inspiration.

In celebration of their recent launch, we turned the table and asked a few questions of BC's founders Leisa Welch and Liv O'Driscoll to find out what drove them to create the new platform, what they love the most about their industry and what we can expect next....



What are your individual backgrounds, and what is day to day life like for each of you?

Olivia O’Driscoll has been a model since the tender age of 15, working extensively all around the world with the industry elite, repped by global giant IMG Models. In 2010 she became a mother and shortly after resumed her career in New York, with daughter Hara by her side. Since settling back in New Zealand Liv has had her eye on the beauty game, working behind the scenes in cosmetic product development and branding art direction. Beauty Citizen was the obvious next step in my journey. 

As the Creative Director of BC, Liv concepts the shoot’s and see’s them through to the final product. The self proclaimed “budding nerd” also runs the website and day-to-day content. Aside from her BC responsibilities, you’ll catch her running around after the kids, doing bits of modelling and pursuing acting gigs. 

Leisa Welch has been a Hair & Makeup artist for forever! Starting her career in beauty therapy she quickly moved to the fashion and beauty industry which perfectly suited her passion for creativity. She made the move from the UK to work in LA and eventually to NZ to raise her family. The changing face of the industry spurred Leisa to her newest role as co-founder of Beauty Citizen.

No two days are the same for Leisa since the launch of Beauty Citizen. She continues to work as a popular makeup artist, as well as handling the team's written content, interviews and adding   her creative vision to the makeup & hair for the BC editorials.




A recent editorial shoot by Beauty Citizen featuring our Vintage Coco Pearl Choker. Now sold out, but for a similar look, try our newly launched Duchess Necklace.

Tell us the idea behind Beauty Citizen - what is it and when and how did you come up with the concept?

Beauty Citizen came to be after years of working together as ‘model and makeup artist’. We talked about our love of beauty and the changing face of our industry and how our work space was changing at a rapid pace. We realised the value of our combined knowledge and that of the artists around us. We wanted to create a platform to not only showcase beautiful imagery but to also share tips and tricks from some of the best in the business. This is a collaborative platform to inspire, as well as educate in all things beauty.  

As beauty Citizen evolves, we aim to provide our audience with trusted beauty shortcuts… Something we feel is much needed in this current consumer climate. Ie: let us sift through the mountain of products and give you reliable advice, specific to your needs and budget. This extends to technique education… with a focus on tips specific to YOU, rather than a momentary trend. 




What do you hope visitors will get out of it the most? 

Thought Provoking Articles: We take a very broad approach to the concept of beauty, something we hope our audience connects with through our articles. There is no such thing as beauty without flaws, and we aim to create open conversations about what makes us all beautifully human.

Education: Access to interviews and tutorials with the top tier industry experts, as we explore their individual approaches to the art of beauty. 

Beauty Editorials: Who doesn’t love a little eye candy? We’re a highly visual platform, and get a thrill out of bringing you imagery that lifts moods and inspires creativity. 

Trusted Beauty & wellness Advice: From us and through our investigative journey, speaking with the heavyweights of the beauty & wellness industries. 




You feature a lot of beautiful jewels in your beauty editorials (including ours, thank you!) is there a particular connection between the jewels and the beauty looks you create? How important do you think jewellery is to an overall beauty look?

You’re so welcome! We felt the L&O pieces complimented the bridal shoot perfectly, giving it the cool edge we wanted. We don’t usually add jewellery or fashion without purpose, as it can distract or feel unnecessary. But when it is’ right’ it takes an image to the next level… makes It feel polished. 


Beauty Citizen Bridal March Shoot, featuring a pair of our vintage earrings.



Is there anything exciting on the agenda that hasn’t been launched yet which readers should look forward to?

Yes… we have an exciting addition to the BC team, Ilona, our new beauty reporter, so keep an eye out for her. 

Our journey is just beginning, we can't wait to share what’s coming next ….



Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we go today?

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