Our Gift Guide 2015


Some incredible pieces have been selected as of late, arriving just in time for the holiday season. And because women are definitive in their jewellery decisions, we’ve carefully curated with the whims and wishes of certain ladies in mind, the muses we think of when hunting for new treasures.
    She's so Rock 'N' Roll

    With a knowing glint she leads the party towards another sunrise. Favouring a black and gold colourway, she rules the roost wherever she roams, a red lip completing this siren’s appeal. Designer shades hide traces of her sleepless weekends, and while the kitchen is simply a place to mix drinks, the music is always playing in this girl’s house.

    Buy Her: A cuff bracelet that is as bold as her personality.

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    She's a Dreamer

    One who has mastered the no makeup, makeup look. Driving is done with the windows down, hair whipping in the wind. Crystals are her personal healing tools, and an hour spent lying among the daisies will ground and restore balance to her world. If you can’t get hold of her, she’s probably taken off, en route to a place where the ocean runs warm.

    Buy Her: Necklaces from the 70s that hang around her tanned décolletage and swing when she moves to the tunes that Bianca Jagger once danced to at Studio 54. 

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    She's a Romantic

    Soft gold hues mixed with the lightest shade of pink direct her home’s colour palette. From the market she buys the same flowers that her grandmother loved so much, and her bedroom dresser performs double duty as alter of cherished memories and familiar faces. She always has her polaroid camera stowed in her bag, ready to capture the next perfect moment.

    Buy Her: Something delicate and sentimental that she can adopt into her day-to-day wardrobe.

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    She's a Tastemaker

    Owner of all the covetable things you want to borrow, she’s the queen of an extensive wardrobe. Her coffee table heaves under the weight of books which celebrate the fashion world. In the evenings you’ll find her lounging, martini in hand, turning pages in search of outfit inspiration for the season ahead. Her gaze is firmly in the future, as she assumes the role of style forecaster for her favourite clique of wing women.

    Buy Her: An evening bag that can adorn her bookshelf like an artefact and is only fit to be taken to the most fabulous locales.

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    She's a Timeless Beauty

    An inspiration to those both older and younger than her, this woman’s style and grace are legendary. Sharp, quick witted intelligence runs alongside her impeccable taste. She holds her wardrobe to impossibly high standards. Even her basics, a run of cashmere knits and silk camisoles, are worthy of admiration. Beauty rituals are frequently enjoyed, and she will never not be an admirer of The House of Chanel.

    Buy Her: A stunning necklace steeped in history that she will pass on to her daughter or grandchildren. 

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